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Avocado Oil – France


100% pure, all-natural and handcrafted from premium avocados. This emerald green oil has a fine fruity roundness that makes it lovely for both sweet and savory applications.

Avocado oil is not only a super food oil that can be used in uncooked items like salads and dips, but it’s also highly recommended for cooking because it has a higher smoke point than olive oil. Rich and thick with a buttery sensation but no overwhelming flavors.

Pair with: Apricot, Traditional 18 Year, Blackberry Ginger, Sicilian Lemon, Honey Ginger, Pomegranate

Excellent Complements

  • Vinaigrettes
  • Marinades for Beef, poultry, pork, seafood, tofu, and vegetables
  • Stir-frys
  • Rice
  • Vegetables
  • Pan fried foods
  • Grilling

Ideas for Use

  • Combine with Lime olive oil, Watermelon fruit vinegar, minced garlic, grated ginger, and some Dijon Mustard to marinate salmon, swordfish, or tuna before grilling.
  • For a refreshingly delicious salad, combine with Cilantro Garlic, Jalapeno Lime or Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic and drizzle over thinly sliced cucumbers and radishes; finish with chopped fresh herbs.
  • Combine with Mango fruit vinegar to marinate pork chops before grilling or duck before roasting.

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