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Champagne Vinegar – France


Our Champagne Vinegar hails from the Ardenne region of France. This elegant wine vinegar introduces a touch of crisp, creamy, acidity to many vinaigrettes, marinades, and sauces. Use in beurre blanc or to brighten up other butter based sauces, homemade mayo or aioli, pickling, and preserving!

Pair with: Herbes de Provence, Garlic, Gremolata, Rosemary

Excellent Complements

  • Vinaigrettes
  • Reductions
  • Fresh or Steamed Vegetables
  • Poaching
  • Legumes, especially white beans
  • Pickle Brines
  • Pork, Chicken, & Seafood
  • Butter-Based Sauces

Ideas for Use

  • Combine with any MillPress Super Premium EVOO or infused olive oil to dress your favorite salads.
  • Combine with a Medium Super Premium EVOO and Dijon mustard to dress a Nicoise salad.
  • Use in braises.
  • Use in homemade mayonnaise.
  • Use to pickle vegetables.
  • Drizzle over stewed or roasted carrots and sprinkle with Turkish Seasoning.
  • Use in your favorite “Beurre Blanc” recipe and serve with fish, poultry, or vegetables.
  • Drizzle over fresh strawberries
  • Infuse with your favorite sparkling beverage

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