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Peperoncino/Garlic Agrumato – Italy

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This incredible all-natural peperoncino garlic agrumato extra virgin olive oil is produced by crushing the olives, red peppers, and garlic simultaneously in the same press without the use of any added essences.  This process allows for the essential oils from the peppers and garlic to harmonize with the oil from Coratina olives (which lend a hand in the heat behind this oil). The producer hand harvests olives from their grove in Andria, Italy near the Adriatic coast. It’s a perfect harmony of hot red peppers and Italian garlic! The flavor has the heat that you all have been asking for: an immediate zing of hot pepper that builds and lingers.

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1 review for Peperoncino/Garlic Agrumato – Italy

  1. Larissa

    Amazing flavor with a bit of heat, one of my favs!

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